We offer remote IT staff completely based on your terms. Our developers with different areas of expertise will work full-time or part time exclusively for you.


In rapidly growing businesses, highly qualified developers are required. We believe in uncomplicated, long-term partnerships. Our idea with Outstaffing is to solve the lack of skills found in many businesses, at a cheaper price.

How does Outstaffing at Westnovo IT work? Through Outstaffing you can adjust your expenses according to your income, by working with us you will avoid fees, such as start-up fees, recruitment costs and office costs. You simply hire the developers you need for a certain amount of time, without any binding time.

We design a cost arrangement that suits your business. You have complete control over the tasks, just as if the developers would work in-house.
Moreover you will access areas of expertise that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, at a better price, without having to spend a lot of time on recruitment processes.
Your team becomes more dynamic, you increase and decrease the team just as you see fit.

IT recruitment!

Westnovo IT is dedicated company that provides IT recruitment. Our passion for development means that we are constantly working to find the best candidates.

IT recruitment!X

Our team has over the years built up a broad network in the IT market. We work according to your requirements when looking for candidates. In addition we always ensure the quality of the candidates we present to you.
In addition to the wide network we have available, we also use proven methods to find developers who possess the specific knowledge required.

We aim to find the perfect candidate for the job at each recruitment. Partly because we aim to be the obvious choice in IT recruitment, as well as developing a continued collaboration, and partly because we have a strong passion for what we do and therefore aim to make every completed recruitment a total success for all partners.

Consulting services.

Westnovo IT offers quality assured consultants to your company. Our network of consultants acquires a variety of skills. The consultants we offer have many years of experience.

Consulting servicesX

For us at Westnovo IT, a consultant should have both experience and broad expertise in their field. The consultants we offer have years of experience in their field of work.

We at Westnovo IT have a flexible working approach when it comes to our consulting services. Whether it's about resource enhancement or specialist expertise, we probably have consultants that are right for your company. Of course, you always determine the time frame for the consultancy assignment.

All consultants are constantly undergoing competence checks, to ensure that you have access to the best IT competence.

Technical support

The technical side should always work perfect. If there are any technical problems to solve we will always be there at your disposal, so you can concentrate completely on your business.

Technical AssistanceX


In order for you to fully focus on your business, it's important that the technical side always works flawlessly.

When something does not work, you as a manager might not have time to solve the problem on your own or look for the right technician. There must be someone who can solve the problem in no time? Our developers and technicians know exactly how to solve any conceivable problem quickly.

Westnovo's developers and technicians are at your disposal 24/7 when you need technical support.